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(Non) Uniform and PE kit

One of the elements of Kings Heath Primary School that makes us truly unique is the fact we do not have a school uniform. 

Surely this impacts on behaviour and standards I hear you say! 

We would argue this is not the case at all!

Outcomes are inline or above national averages for all Key Stages and the behaviour and attitude of our children is often remarked on by visitors as being exemplary! 

We find the positives of non-uniform greatly outweigh the negatives. 

  1. Individuality and self-expression: Without a uniform, pupils can express their individuality through their clothing choices. This can help foster a sense of identity and boost self-confidence.

  2. Comfort and flexibility: Wearing personal clothing can provide pupils with greater comfort and flexibility, allowing them to focus more on their learning. It can also be beneficial for pupils with sensory sensitivities or specific clothing needs.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: Not requiring uniforms can be more affordable for families, as they don't have to spend money on purchasing specific clothing items. This can help reduce financial burden and promote inclusivity.

  4. Reduced social pressure: Uniforms can sometimes lead to social pressure and bullying based on appearance or socioeconomic status. Eliminating uniforms can help create a more inclusive and accepting school environment.

  5. Preparation for the real world: In the real world, people have the freedom to choose their attire based on the context and their personal style. By allowing pupils to dress individually, schools can help prepare them for future professional and social settings.

PE Kit

For health and safety reasons, children are expected to wear PE kit on their PE day.