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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health is a crucial aspect of a child's overall wellbeing and can significantly impact their ability to learn, develop, and thrive. At Kings Heath Primary School, promoting mental health and wellbeing is a priority to create a nurturing and supportive environment for all pupils. Our own Mental Health Team, led by the Inclusion Leader, liaises with the NHS's Mental Health Support Team (MHST) to prioritise mental health in the following ways: 


  1. Establishing a Whole School Approach:

    • Develop a whole school approach to mental health by involving all staff, pupils, parents, and the wider community.
    • Create a positive school culture that promotes mental wellbeing, resilience, and emotional health for all (KCSiE 2023, Paragraph 186).
    • Designate a senior mental health lead within the school who can coordinate efforts and provide support (KCSiE 2023, Paragraph 183).
  2. Training and Support for Staff:

    • Ensure staff have access to training on mental health awareness, including identifying signs, responding appropriately, and knowing when to escalate concerns.
    • Provide training opportunities for staff to develop their knowledge and skills in promoting mental health and wellbeing (KCSiE 2023, Paragraph 182).
    • Encourage staff self-care and provide resources for managing their own mental health.
  3. Collaborating with External Agencies:

    • Establish partnerships with local mental health services, charities, and organizations to access additional support and expertise.
    • Create clear referral pathways for students who require specialized mental health support.
    • Regularly communicate and collaborate with external agencies to ensure a holistic approach to student mental health.
  4. Creating a Supportive Environment:

    • Implement strategies to promote positive mental health, such as mindfulness activities, social-emotional learning programs, and promoting positive relationships (KCSiE 2023, Paragraph 185).
    • Foster a safe and inclusive school environment where students feel comfortable seeking help and support.
    • Provide access to confidential counseling or therapy services within the school setting.
  5. Engaging Parents and Carers:

    • Educate parents and carers about the importance of mental health and how they can support their child's wellbeing at home.
    • Organize workshops or information sessions to provide parents with strategies for promoting positive mental health in their children.
    • Establish open lines of communication with parents to address any concerns or issues related to their child's mental health.
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation:

    • Regularly assess the effectiveness of mental health initiatives and interventions.
    • Collect data on student wellbeing, behaviour, attendance, and academic progress to identify trends and areas for improvement.
    • Use feedback from pupils, staff, and parents to inform future strategies and interventions.

By prioritising mental health at KHPS, we create a nurturing and supportive environment that promotes the overall wellbeing of pupils. Implementing a whole school approach, providing training and support for staff, collaborating with external agencies, and creating a supportive environment will contribute to positive mental health outcomes for all. Remember, every interaction matters when it comes to promoting wellbeing, resilience, and mental health.